A zsûri bemutatkozik/Kay Penney

2013. szeptember 30. 14:08 | Hírek
Bemutajuk a Miss Poledance Hungary 2013 hivatalos zsûrijét

Kay Penney

Owner and founder of Miss Pole Dance UK and Pole Passion Ltd - UK's most premier national championships and the UKs most established and leading international pole fitness training providers.

Kay is a qualified health and fitness expert and has dedicated her life to sport and the pioneering of pole dance and fitness techniques as a positive form of exercise.
Kay has enjoyed the journey transforming thousands of lives through her empowerment and unique style of teaching for all.  She has innovated and is author of the rules and regulations not only for the national championships but that of the World Pole Dance championships too, established in 2009
She has written the judges guidelines, health and safety regulation and supporting other countries with the same ideas.

Kay is author of the first ever code of pole practice, developed pole fitness techniques and merged countries together in the form of World Pole Dance Sport & Fitness Championships
She is co inventor of the worlds first portable free standing pole without a stage - the RPole which was created to support her fitness programmes
Kay is an International Master Trainer and Pole Fitness Assessor for 13 years.

She enjoys each year, to bring a group of international students to Dollhouse in Budapest to share our training and will be back again in May 2014


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